Meet the Team

Ryan Thompson


  • Member of International Standards Organization Technical Committee 285: Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions (2015 - present)
    - Convenor of Working Group 3: Field testing methods
    - Project leader of ISO 19869:2019 Field testing methods for cookstoves
  • MS in Environmental Engineering at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2019)
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering at Universtiy of California Santa Barbara (2006)

In Loving Memory

Grommet 2010-2020

  • Human Resources Manager

    - Monitors staff productivity

    - Alerts staff when it is time to stop computer work and start outdoor excercise

Project Partners

Waltech Systems

Aprovecho Research Center

Climate and Health Reseach Network

Climate Solutions Consulting


Centre for Rural Technology Nepal

Nepal Renewable Energy Test Station


Humboldt State University

Clean Cooking Alliance

Climate and Clean Air Coalition

University of Illinois